Vapor Intrusion/Radon Mitigation

A greater awareness of the risks associated with Volatile Organic Compounds and ground gases such as Radon has led to an increasing number of construction projects requiring the use of a suitable protection system to safeguard both the development and its occupants.

Vapor intrusion is a rapidly growing market for consultants, and it pays to stay ahead of the crowd. Traditional vapor intrusion mitigation systems, or “radon” systems, have been around for decades and haven’t changed much in that time. Electric fans need to run continuously to pull enough air through soil below a slab to maintain negative pressures. Expensive gravel beds, collection pipes, liners and blowers are needed to ensure that vacuum is distributed to all points below the slab.

CUPOLEX®Aerated Floors are the modern systems that use open space rather than soil to vent the slab, resulting in highly efficient transmission of vacuum and air flow. Field tests and modeling studies verify that aerated floors are an order of magnitude more effective than traditional slab-on-grade systems, without the need for expensive liners. This means greater protection with less energy, a sustainable and lower cost solution that is in sync with the growing demand for green technologies.

Cupolex Radon Protection

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Cupolex Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

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