Stormwater Management

Forming solutions for Subsurface Stormwater Detention & Retention Systems

Vapor Intrusion & Radon Mitigation

Aerated Concrete Floors for Vapor Intrusion mitigation & Radon protection in New Homes.

Sustainable Pavements

Sustainable Solutions for Concrete Roads & Highways

Soil Cells

Innovative Suspended Pavements Solutions For Creating Soil Cells


Ground Heave Solutions

Green Roofs

Vegetation drainage, water storage, aeration and light weight concrete structures


CUPOLEX provides advanced, innovative and sustainable solutions for a range of construction requirements.  Innovative thinking, engineering expertise and design capabilities enable Cupolex to solve a wide variety of engineering problems.

Stormwater Management

Forming solutions for subsurface Stormwater Detention and Retention systems.

Refrigeration/Ground Heave Solutions

CUPOLEX® passive or mechanically heated Aerated Concrete Floors providing sufficient heat to prevent frost formation under the slab; thereby, preventing structural failures while minimizing the parasitic heat gain to refrigerated spaces.

Vapor Intrusion/Radon Mitigation

Cost effective and simple solutions for a passive or active venting medium below concrete ground floor slabs.

Sustainable Pavements Solutions

Innovative solutions to build more economical, more sustainable, more durable concrete or permeable pavements.

Structural Slab Forming Solutions

Cupolex Solutions for slab on grade, structural ribbed slabs supported by deep of pile foundations, structural fill replacement and expansive challenging site conditions.

Green Roofs

Solutions and the essential elements for green roof and roof gardens.

Soil Cells

CUPOLEX SOIL CELL system employs advanced concrete design geometry to produce the latest generation of under pavement soil cavities for urban trees that can be adequately provided for in their urban setting.

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