Rialto Suspended Pavements For Soil Cells


CUPOLEX RIALTO is a forming system for providing an easy, efficient and fast solution for constructing a pavement with heights that can vary from 300mm (12 inches) to 2500mm (100 inches). This cutting edge forming system comprises of CUPOLEX domes, pipes, bases and a patented bracing system that quickly interlock and connect to each other composing a self-bearing structure ready for the placement planting soil and furthermore the concrete pavement. The elevated CUPOLEX pavement supported by the matrix of columns formed by the Rialto tubes allows the system to support high load-bearing capacities. The elevated CUPOLEX RIALTO structure and the void created below the slab can be used to contain quality and unlimited soil-volumes, creating structurally beneficent and strong structure systems that are conducive to root growth while supporting any pavement design.


  • Enables trees to accept, store and transmit water, nutrients and energy
  • Provides room in which roots can propagate. Rialto creates space below the pavements which is required for good soil life and the necessary biochemical exchanges to promote tree growth
  • Trees are not planted in cramped planting pits and poor subsoil
  • Roots do not colonise the area immediately underneath the paved surface, thus preventing structural pavement damage
  • Solid and compacted ground for pavements is not required
  • Can be designed to support any vehicular traffic
  • Trees do not compromise or damage the structural integrity of the paved surfaces
  • Urban trees can be adequately provided for in their urban setting
  • Provides savings in time and materials compared to other tree and stormwater management systems. Flexible for any dimension on plan or depth and can be easily installed around new or existing underground utilities and pavement penetrations.
  • Proven track record
  • Allows for root breakout from the soil cells into surrounding soils
  • Provides a complete opened void allowing for easy flow of water into and out of the Soil
  • Time tested technology with over 500 million sq.ft installed
  • Manufactured to ISO 9000:2002 high quality standards


  • Parking Lots
  • Streetscapes
  • Roadways
  • Footpaths
  • Plazas & Medians
  • Green Roofs
  • Break-Out Zones.
  • Medians
  • Shopping Centers

Design & Engineering

We provide PE stamped shop drawings through our engineering partners globally, construction training, and installation observation and we work closely with the design team, the contractor, and the owner to ensure the success of the project.  Each site is different, and working with project partners to find installation solutions that address specific site needs is a part of the service we provide.

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Please refer to the Cupolex Soil Cells Technical Data Sheet for details of the physical properties of the product range. The appropriate height of Cupolex should be selected based upon the required equivalent void for the required soil volume and the concrete thickness above the domes is based on the maximum load capacity that the slab is required to support. This information is provided in the table below:


Overall Form DepthPlan Dimension InstalledConcrete Consumption to top of DomesClear Void EquivalentSoil VolumeData SheetCAD Block
cm (inch)cm (inch)m3/m2 (cy./sq.ft.)cm (inch)m3/m2 (cy./sq.ft.)
55 (22")57x57(23"x23")0.038 (0.0045)40 (16.0")0.40 (0.048) PDFDWG
60 (24")57x57(23"x23")0.040 (0.0048)45 (18.0")0.45 (0.056) PDFDWG
65 (26")57x57(23"x23")0.042 (0.0051)50 (20.0")0.50 (0.063) PDFDWG
70 (28")57x57(23"x23")0.044 (0.0054)55 (22.0")0.55 (0.073) PDFDWG
80 (30")57x57(23"x23")0.046 (0.0057)60 (24.0")0.60 (0.078) PDFDWG
85 (32")57x57(23"x23")0.048 (0.0060)65 (26.0")0.65 (0.085) PDFDWG
90 (34")57x57(23"x23")0.050 (0.0063)70 (28.0")0.70 (0.093) PDFDWG
95(36")57x57(23"x23")0.052 (0.0066)75 (30.0")0.75 (0.102) PDFDWG
100 (38")57x57(23"x23")0.054 (0.0069)80 (32.0")0.80 (0.109) PDFDWG
105 (40")57x57(23"x23")0.056 (0.0072)85 (34.0")0.85 (0.117) PDFDWG
110 (42")57x57(23"x23")0.058 (0.0075)90 (36.0")0.90 (0.124) PDFDWG
115 (44")57x57(23"x23")0.060 (0.0078)95 (38.0")0.95 (0.131) PDFDWG
120 (46")57x57(23"x23")0.062 (0.0081)100 (40.0")1.00 (0.138) PDFDWG
125 (48")57x57(23"x23")0.064 (0.0084)105 (42.0")1.05 (0.145) PDFDWG
130 (50")57x57(23"x23")0.066 (0.0087)110 (44.0")1.10 (0.153) PDFDWG
135 (52")57x57(23"x23")0.068 (0.0090)115 (46.0")1.15 (0.162) PDFDWG
140 (54")57x57(23"x23")0.070 (0.0093)120 (48.0")1.20 (0.169) PDFDWG
145 (56")57x57(23"x23")0.072 (0.0096)125 (50.0")1.25 (0.176) PDFDWG
150 (58")57x57(23"x23")0.074 (0.010)130 (52.0")1.30 (0.184) PDFDWG
155 (60")57x57(23"x23")0.076 (0.0103)135 (54.0")1.35 (0.191) PDFDWG
160 (62")57x57(23"x23")0.078 (0.0106)140 (56.0")1.40 (0.200) PDFDWG
165 (64")57x57(23"x23")0.080 (0.0109)145 (58.0")1.45 (0.270) PDFDWG



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