Cupolex-Rialto Units


CUPOLEX-RIALTO is a forming system for providing an easy, efficient and fast solution for constructing an aerated floor with heights from 500mm (20 inches) to 2500mm (100 inches). This cutting edge forming system comprises of CUPOLEX domes, pipes and bases that quickly interlock and connect to each other composing a self bearing structure ready for the placement of a concrete slab. The elevated CUPOLEX slab supported by the matrix of columns formed by the pipes allows the system for high load-bearing capacities and the elevated CUPOLEX RIALTO structure and the void created below the slab can be used for various purposes and applications.All components that make up the CUPOLEX®-RIALTO® forming system are made from 100% recycled plastic.

CUPOLEX RIALTO slab on grade systems provide the most cost effective and sustainable solutions to conventional thickened slab designs. CUPOLEX RIALTO crawl space foundations provide solutions to moisture, mold, and venting problems that have been common to old fashioned crawl space foundation designs. CUPOLEX RIALTO slabs replace gravel or any other fill typically required below slabs constructed on native or engineered sub-grades consisting of low to non-expansive characteristics. RIALTO slabs also replace expensive rigid insulation typically used for creating floating concrete slabs on existing structures when weight limit is a factor.

Common Uses

  • A sustainable and cost effective alternative to Structural Fill
  • Creating subsurface Stormwater management tanks
  • A cost effective and a more structural performing alternative to typical plastic shoring systems for creating Soil Cells
  • Creating under slab soil layers for Tree Pit Root Protection
  • Creating Crawl Spaces
  • A Solution for Structural Weight limits and for post-construction settlement of sub grades

Other Applications

  • Radon & Soil Gas (VI) Mitigation
  • Alternative to Structural or light weight fill
  • Suspended Pavements for Creating Soil Cells
  • Replacing Gravel Drainage Layers
  • Replacing Vapor Barriers & Liners
  • Concrete Stormwater Detention Tanks
  • Concrete Stormwater Retention Tanks
  • Solution for Structural Weight Limits
  • Refrigeration & Freezer Floors
  • Building Green With LEED
  • Concrete Subfloor Crawl Space
  • Technical/Electrical Sub Floors
  • Acoustical Floors


CUPOLEX RIALTO is permanent formwork made from 100% non toxic recycled polypropylene. It comprises of three elements:

Column-forming pipes, a cup integrated in a base grid which acts as spacer of the column-forming pipes, and a Cupolex form which fits on the top of the vertical pipes which represents the slab forming element of the system.

Watch Video to See How Cupolex Rialto is Installed

Overall Form DepthPlan Dimension InstalledConcrete Consumption to top of DomesClear Void EquivalentDead Load of Concrete Structure to Top of DomesData SheetCAD Block
cm (inch)cm (inch)m3/m2 (cy./sq.ft.)cm (inch)kPa (psf)
25 (10")57x57(23"x23")0.025(0.0055)10 (4.0")0.60 (12.5)PDFDWG
30 (12")57x57(23"x23")0.027 (0.0030)15 (6.0)0.65 (13.5)PDFDWG
35 (14")57x57(23"x23")0.030 (0.0033)20 (8.0")0.70 (14.6)PDFDWG
40 (16")57x57(23"x23")0.032(0.0036)25 (10.0")0.75 (15.6)PDFDWG
45 (18")57x57(23"x23")0.034 (0.0039)30 (12.0")0.80 (16.7)PDFDWG
50 (20")57x57(23"x23")0.036 (0.0043)35 (14.0)0.85 (17.7)PDFDWG
55 (22")57x57(23"x23")0.038 (0.0045)40 (16.0")0.90 (18.8)PDFDWG
60 (24")57x57(23"x23")0.040 (0.0048)45 (18.0")0.95 (19.8)PDFDWG
65 (26")57x57(23"x23")0.042 (0.0051)50 (20.0")1.00 (20.9)PDFDWG
70 (28")57x57(23"x23")0.044 (0.0054)55 (22.0")1.05 (21.9)PDFDWG
80 (30")57x57(23"x23")0.046 (0.0057)60 (24.0")1.10 (23.0)PDFDWG
85 (32")57x57(23"x23")0.048 (0.0060)65 (26.0")1.15 (24.0)PDFDWG
90 (34")57x57(23"x23")0.050 (0.0063)70 (28.0")1.20 (25.1)PDFDWG
95(36")57x57(23"x23")0.052 (0.0066)75 (30.0")1.25 (26.1)PDFDWG
100 (38")57x57(23"x23")0.054 (0.0069)80 (32.0")1.30 (27.2)PDFDWG
105 (40")57x57(23"x23")0.056 (0.0072)85 (34.0")1.35 (28.2)PDFDWG
110 (42")57x57(23"x23")0.058 (0.0075)90 (36.0")1.40 (29.3)PDFDWG
115 (44")57x57(23"x23")0.060 (0.0078)95 (38.0")1.45 (30.3)PDFDWG
120 (46")57x57(23"x23")0.062 (0.0081)100 (40.0")1.50 (31.4)PDFDWG
125 (48")57x57(23"x23")0.064 (0.0084)105 (42.0")1.55 (32.4)PDFDWG
130 (50")57x57(23"x23")0.066 (0.0087)110 (44.0")1.60 (33.5)PDFDWG
135 (52")57x57(23"x23")0.068 (0.0090)115 (46.0")1.65 (34.5)PDFDWG
140 (54")57x57(23"x23")0.070 (0.0093)120 (48.0")1.70 (35.6)PDFDWG
145 (56")57x57(23"x23")0.072 (0.0096)125 (50.0")1.75 (36.6)PDFDWG
150 (58")57x57(23"x23")0.074 (0.010)130 (52.0")1.80 (37.7)PDFDWG
155 (60")57x57(23"x23")0.076 (0.0103)135 (54.0")1.85 (38.7)PDFDWG
160 (62")57x57(23"x23")0.078 (0.0106)140 (56.0")1.90 (39.8)PDFDWG
165 (64")57x57(23"x23")0.080 (0.0109)145 (58.0")1.95 (40.9)PDFDWG
170 (66")57x57(23"x23")0.082 (0.0112)150 (60.0")2.00 (41.8)PDFDWG
175(68")57x57(23"x23")0.084 (0.0115)155 (62.0")2.05 (42.8)PDFDWG
180 (70")57x57(23"x23")0.086 (0.0118)160 (64.0")2.10 (43.9)PDFDWG
185 (72")57x57(23"x23")0.088 (0.0121)165 (66.0")2.15 (44.9)PDFDWG
190 (74")57x57(23"x23")0.090 (0.0124)170 (68.0")2.20 (46.0)PDFDWG
195 (76")57x57(23"x23")0.092 (0.0127)175 (70.0")2.25 (47.0)PDFDWG
200 (78")57x57(23"x23")0.094 (0.0130)180 (72.0")2.30 (48.0)PDFDWG
205 (80")57x57(23"x23")0.096 (0.0134)185 (74.0")2.35 (49.0)PDFDWG
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