Cupolex Radon Protection


CUPOLEX® Is More Effective And More Reliable Than Traditional Radon Systems

Traditional radon systems have been around for decades and haven’t changed much in that time. Electric fans need to run continuously to pull enough air through soil below a slab to maintain negative pressures. Because of the resistance of the soil below the slab to air flow, negative pressures decrease rapidly with distance and even modest vacuums are difficult to achieve across the entire slab. CUPOLEX® Aerated floors are the modern systems that use open space rather than soil to vent the slab, resulting in highly efficient transmission of vacuum and air flow. As a result, home owners or regulators can be sure that vacuum is present everywhere below the building and that radon concentration below the slab will be far lower than with traditional systems. Field tests have shown that vacuums can be almost 100% of the static vacuum at the riser point across the entire CUPOLEX® aerated floor, with vacuum levels between suction points that are over an order of magnitude higher than that which traditional systems can accomplish. Modeling studies show that cracks have much less effect on aerated floors than traditional slab-on-grade systems and liners.


  • Provides a highly efficient under-slab void network than less efficient sand or gravel venting layers
  • More Efficient Venting
  • Passive Venting Potential
  • CUPOLEX® floors do not require membranes
  • Low capital cost,
  • Fast assembly and can be installed by any concrete slab contractor or forming contractor
  • The ability to cut the slab at any location and easily repair,
  • The ability to easily test, monitor and enhance performance,


  • Single and multi-residential dwellings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Institutions and hospitals
  • Light and heavy Industrial buildings

Design & Engineering

We provide PE stamped shop drawings through our engineering partners globally, construction training, and installation observation and we work closely with the design team, the contractor, and the owner to ensure the success of the project.  Each site is different, and working with project partners to find installation solutions that address specific site needs is a part of the service we provide.

To begin using the CUPOLEX® in your building of home development, visit our Getting Started page for a step-by-step road map on using this product.

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Please consult the Cupolex Technical Data Sheet for details of the physical properties of the product range. The appropriate height of Cupolex should be selected based upon the required equivalent void and the concrete thickness above the domes is based on the maximum load capacity that the Cupolex slab is required to support. This information is provided in the table below:


Form TypeOverall Form DepthPlan Dimension InstalledConcrete Consumption To Top of DomesClear Void EquivalentDead Load of Concrete Structure to Top of DomesData SheetCAD Block
cm (inch)cm (inch)m3/m2 (cy./sq.ft.)cm (inch)kPa (psf)
WINDI 5-565 (2")56x56 (22"x22")0.008(0.0010)4 (1.57")0.19 (3.96)PDFDWG
WINDI 10-5610 (4")56x56 (22"x22")0.030(0.0036)7 (2.76")0.71 (14.82)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 9.5-569,5 (4")56x56 (22"x22")0.014 (0.0017)8 (3.15")0.33 (6.89)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 13.5-5613,5 (5")56x56 (22"x22")0.030 (0.0036)11 (4.33")0.71 (14.82)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 16-5616 (6")56x56 (22"x22")0.035 (0.0043)14 (5.50")0.83 (17.33)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 20-5620 (8")56x56 (22"x22")0.035 (0.0043)17 (6.69")0.83 (17.33)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 26-5626 (10")56x56 (22"x22")0.045 (0.0055)22 (58.66")0.83 (17.33)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 30-5630 (12")56x56 (22"x22")0.042 (0.0051)26 (10.24")0.99 (20.67)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 35- 5635 (14")56x56 (22"x22")0.045 (0.0055)31 (12.20")1.06 (22.13)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 40-5640 (16")56x56 (22"x22")0.060 (0.0073)34 (13.39")1.42 (29.65)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 45-5645 (18")56x56 (22"x22")0.064 (0.0078)39 (15.35")1.51 (31.53)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 50-5650 (20")56x56 (22"x22")0.065 (0.0079)44 (17.32")1.53 (31.95)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 55-7155 (22")71x71 (28"x28")0.069 (0.0080)48 (19.29")1.63 (34.04)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 60-7160 (24")71x71 (28"x28")0.070 (0.0085)53 (20.87")1.65 (34.46)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 65-7165 (26")71x71 (28"x28")0.071 (0.0090)58 (22.83")1.68 (35.08)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 70-7170 (28")71x71 (28"x28")0.073 (0.0095)63 (24.80")1.72 (35.92)PDFDWG


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