Cupolex Concrete Pavement Solutions


The concrete pavement industry is actively seeking new and innovative solutions to build more economical, more sustainable and more durable roads. CUPOLEX® is an innovative concrete pavement technology that is evolving the Road and Highway construction industry. CUPOLEX® consists of interlocking, modular, dome-shaped, high density plastic units that serve as a permanent formwork within the concrete pavement structure. The resulting product is a concrete pavement slab with a system of interconnected vault-like voids below the surface. The dome shape is capable of providing carrying capacities equivalent to conventional concrete thickened pavements, but requires less concrete to do so and also provide additional drainage and ventilation benefits. CUPOLEX® technology can provide significant material cost savings, when compared to conventional jointed plain concrete pavements.

Using linear extrapolation methods, CUPOLEX® pavements are found to be equivalent to conventional jointed plain concrete pavements 230-280 mm thick. This finding indicates that CUPOLEX® can achieve significant cost savings in concrete pavement construction.


  • CUPOLEX® is capable of providing carrying capacities equivalent to conventional slabs
  • Requires less concrete
  • The under slab void reduces the slab’s contact with the base layers
  • Water cannot leach up through the bottom of the concrete slab, providing protection
    from moisture and humidity
  • The under slab void also allows for the quick, easy and cost-effective installation and repair of buried utilities, such as cables and pipes, after construction.
  • The CUPOLEX® system has inherent properties associated with the dome shape which reduce slab curling, when compared to conventional concrete pavements.
  • The use of CUPOLEX® can also reduce the need for granular base materials or engineered fill.
  • Can also be incorporated into creative stormwater management solutions below roads and pavements.
  • Effective control of expansive soils and frost action below pavements.
  • Reduces the environmental impact by saving concrete and conserves valuable aggregate.
  • One truckload of CUPOLEX® replaces over 50 truckloads of gravel.
  • CUPOLEX® is compatible with conventional slipform paving equipment, allowing for fast and easy paving.
  • CUPOLEX® slabs have a low potential for cracking, low overall variability in strains reduces the potential for fatigue failures.
  • The ability of CUPOLEX® to reduce the initial construction costs of concrete pavements can make them much more attractive economically to transportation agencies.
  • CUPOLEX® can be integrated into pervious concrete pavements.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9000:2002 high quality standards


  • Highways
  • Municipal Roads & Streets
  • Parking Lots
  • Laneways
  • Driveways
  • Roads constructed in permafrost areas
  • Airport Pavements

Design & Engineering

We provide PE stamped shop drawings through our engineering partners globally, construction training, and installation observation.  We work closely with the design team, the contractor, and the owner to ensure the success of the project.  Each site is different, and working with project partners to find installation solutions that address specific site needs is a part of the service we provide.

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Please refer to the Cupolex Technical Data Sheet for details of the physical properties of the product range. The appropriate height of Cupolex should be selected based upon the required equivalent void and the maximum load capacity that the slab is required to support. This information is provided in the table below:


Form TypeOverall Form DepthPlan Dimension InstalledConcrete Consumption To Top of DomesClear Void EquivalentDead Load of Concrete Structure to Top of DomesData SheetCAD Block
cm (inch)cm (inch)m3/m2 (cy./sq.ft.)cm (inch)kPa (psf)
WINDI 5-565 (2")56x56 (22"x22")0.008(0.0010)4 (1.57")0.19 (3.96)PDFDWG
WINDI 10-5610 (4")56x56 (22"x22")0.030(0.0036)7 (2.76")0.71 (14.82)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 9.5-569,5 (4")56x56 (22"x22")0.014 (0.0017)8 (3.15")0.33 (6.89)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 13.5-5613,5 (5")56x56 (22"x22")0.030 (0.0036)11 (4.33")0.71 (14.82)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 16-5616 (6")56x56 (22"x22")0.035 (0.0043)14 (5.50")0.83 (17.33)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 20-5620 (8")56x56 (22"x22")0.035 (0.0043)17 (6.69")0.83 (17.33)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 26-5626 (10")56x56 (22"x22")0.045 (0.0055)22 (58.66")0.83 (17.33)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 30-5630 (12")56x56 (22"x22")0.042 (0.0051)26 (10.24")0.99 (20.67)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 35- 5635 (14")56x56 (22"x22")0.045 (0.0055)31 (12.20")1.06 (22.13)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 40-5640 (16")56x56 (22"x22")0.060 (0.0073)34 (13.39")1.42 (29.65)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 45-5645 (18")56x56 (22"x22")0.064 (0.0078)39 (15.35")1.51 (31.53)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 50-5650 (20")56x56 (22"x22")0.065 (0.0079)44 (17.32")1.53 (31.95)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 55-7155 (22")71x71 (28"x28")0.069 (0.0080)48 (19.29")1.63 (34.04)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 60-7160 (24")71x71 (28"x28")0.070 (0.0085)53 (20.87")1.65 (34.46)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 65-7165 (26")71x71 (28"x28")0.071 (0.0090)58 (22.83")1.68 (35.08)PDFDWG
CUPOLEX 70-7170 (28")71x71 (28"x28")0.073 (0.0095)63 (24.80")1.72 (35.92)PDFDWG


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