Stormwater Management

Forming solutions for Subsurface Stormwater Detention & Retention Systems

Vapor Intrusion & Radon Mitigation

Aerated Concrete Floors for Vapor Intrusion mitigation & Radon protection in New Homes.

Sustainable Pavements

Sustainable Solutions for Concrete Roads & Highways

Soil Cells

Innovative Suspended Pavements Solutions For Creating Soil Cells


Ground Heave Solutions

Green Roofs

Vegetation drainage, water storage, aeration and light weight concrete structures

CUPOLEX products are manufactured by PONTAROLO ENGINEERING INC. When you choose a CUPOLEX product, you are choosing quality, experience and expertise drawn on from hundreds of millions of units already produced and installed throughout the globe.

About Us

Pontarolo Engineering, the inventors of the Cupolex Product have been manufacturing and marketing Cupolex products worldwide since 1995. The technical objective of Pontarolo Engineering was to produce an aerated floor forming system for concrete slab construction which would create a cutting- edge mitigation system to protect occupied buildings from soil vapor intrusion, sustain concrete floors even in swelling and challenging soil conditions, and sustain heavy loads. The innovation of the ancillary products PONTEX, BETON STOP and REALTO were introduced to the CUPOLEX system to advance the aerated floor technology further. CUPOLEX has revolutionized the conventional application of concrete construction by reducing the amount of excavation, eliminating the need of vapor barriers and liners, reduce or eliminating the need for imported materials, aggregates or engineered sub-grade, reducing the amount of concrete consumption and reducing labor costs.


Cupolex Video

The name CUPOLEX® comes from the Italian word Cupola meaning dome. There are hundreds of millions of CUPOLEX® units installed in building throughout the globe. Cupolex was originally designed to ventilate soil gases and moisture from below new buildings where Radon Gas is prevalent in areas of Europe, the United States and Canada. Cupolex since its inception has been advanced for its use in other applications such as historic building renovations, water retention/detention, vapor/moisture mitigation, prevention of frost heave for freezer facilities, sustainable roads and highway applications, suspended pavements for creating soil cells and as a cost effective and efficient replacement for engineered fill. It is extensively used in Industrial and Commercial applications as well as Residential. Designers, real estate developers and consultants all over the world have positioned CUPOLEX® at the forefront of Aerated Floor technology. It is revolutionizing the conventional application of concrete construction.

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